Our SIMCOM2017 station, W9MQB - Jefferson County ARES/RACES - had four operators (KC9IKI,
KD9PM, KD9BDL, K9LGU) and handled 66 pieces of formal traffic using HF and VHF with both voice and digital modes on April 26. Set up took about 30 minutes. We also responded to tactical requests from
our Branch Command on both amateur and public service frequencies as requested.

We especially enjoyed the visits with Wisconsin Air National Guard personnel and operators from other platforms in our branch. The rain and HF conditions were a challenge, but not insurmountable.

Wisconsin NTS Section Nets supported the event with special sessions and HF traffic handling during the days as well. Here's a chart.

APR Net Check-ins Time -Mins Traffic NCS
26 BEN-SPCL 9 68 27 N9VC
26 BEN 9 22 17 N9VC
26 WSBN - SPCL 10 25 17 KN9P
26 WSBN 19 32 8 KN9P
27 BEN-SPCL 15 31 15 N9VC
27 BEN 15 35 6 WD9FLJ/ N9VC
Totals   77 213 90  

Denny, K9LGU/STM
Wisconsin ARES/RACES Works With:
arrl WEM Amber alert WeComm