SIMCOM2017 SET FOR APRIL 25, 26, and 27.

Attention amateur radio operators and Wisconsin ARES/RACES members! The SIMCOM2017 exercise needs your help!

SIMCOM2017, sponsored annually by Wisconsin Emergency Management and the Wisconsin National Guard, focuses on interoperable communications between amateur radio stations, federal, state, tribal, and local public safety and emergency management stations, and other involved agencies. SIMCOM2017 is an excellent opportunity to meet and work with some important ARES/RACES served agencies.

Four locations in and around Lake Delton will be the center for SIMCOM2017 operations. Amateur radio vehicles and trailers, called platforms, will be posted at each of the four Lake Delton locations. Amateur radio operators are also needed at several other participating locations around the state.

SIMCOM2017 begins April 25th with a training day at the Lake Delton Fire Department. The day is broken into several classes including amateur radio’s contribution to emergency communications. This will be an excellent class. Topics include amateur radio’s mandate to support emergency communications, Wisconsin ARES/RACES mission, amateur radio and the incident command system, traffic handling practices and message forms. Mr. Paul English, US Army MARS Program Manager, will speak about 60 meters and interoperable communications. Other classes will cover military and public safety interoperable communications.

April 26 and 27 are the exercise days. The overall scenario for the exercise is a widespread power outage. Platforms, including ARES/RACES stations, at each of the four Lake Delton area branches will practice communicating with each other and other response disciplines. In addition amateur radio stations will be tasked to communicate with stations at the State Emergency Operations Center and the Armed Forces Reserve Center in Madison, the backup SEOC in Camp Douglas, and several national guard armories.

Registration is free, but is required! All SIMCOM participants, whether participating at one of the Lake Delton locations or another statewide location need to register online at .

If you have questions, or would like more information, please contact:

Skip Sharpe, W9REL, Wisconsin RACES Chief Radio Officer at 262.320.7547 or .

Mr. Paul Hughes, W9CBJ, WEM Assistant Communications Officer at 608.242.3309 or .

Mr. Kevin Wernet, KD9CCI, WEM Event Director at .


Wisconsin ARES/RACES Works With:
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