Meet the New Leaders in Wisconsin ARES/RACES - 2017

West Central DEC

Hello everyone! This is KC9WWH. My name is Josh Roskos and I am located in Eau Claire, WI. I was previously the EC for Grant County and am currently the chairperson for the 2018 Conference Committee. Before moving to Eau Claire I lived in Boscobel, WI where I was actively involved with Fire, EMS, Hazmat and our Technical Rescue team. I initially became a amateur radio operator because of my interest with public safety, but soon after getting my ticket in 2012 I upgraded to General and plan to work on getting my Extra License. I have found a deep love for amateur radio especially in the National Traffic System and digital communications. 

I hope as the new DEC for West Central WI I can help bring our communities closer together. I look forward to meeting all the EC’s and AEC’s in West Central WI in the coming months as we plan our first District Meeting and discuss what you all can expect of me.


Josh //KC9WWH 


Wisconsin ARES/RACES Works With:
arrl WEM Amber alert
FEMA Skywarn WeComm