Familiarization Presentation


This set of files comprise a presentation developed by CRO Skip Sharpe, W9REL. In order to properly make use of this presentation, you should have the Katrina video, the ARES/RACES powerpoint and the speaker's notes. The remaining file is provided so that you can print some handouts if this is to be a public presentation.

Speaker's notes for ARES/RACES Presentation Doc File: 431KB
Wisconsin ARES/RACES Power Point Presentation PPT File: 2.9MB
Katrina Video (Part of the power Point presentation or can be used as a stand alone.) WMV (Video) File: 48.7MB
Handouts for ARES/RACES PDF File: 309KB

Wisconsin ARES/RACES Works With:
arrl WEM Amber alert
FEMA Skywarn WeComm