Comments “On-The-Air” Regarding the COVID-19 Virus Situation

Consider the COVID-19 virus situation as a picture puzzle: many individually small pieces which carry a clue regarding the overall definition of the picture. All the pieces are but a fraction of the overall “truth” contained within that picture. If you want to drive someone goofy, hide one piece of the puzzle, let them proceed with working the puzzle, only to come to the realization that one piece is missing. That means they will never see it in its entirety.

Let’s go one step further and say that the missing piece contained some vital information. Maybe the face of the most important person in the picture or the name on the road sign that tells of the place contained within.

Unless absolutely accurate and complete information is shared, it is wrong. And misleading. Maybe correct in part, but still wrong. And it may just be dangerously misleading. We are privileged to have so many responsible and intelligent people here in the United States who are currently “up to their elbows” in researching and helping (in so many ways) to track, diagnose, treat and beat the COVID-19 spread.

We are also privileged to have so many communications outlets in our country and our state. They are trained and tasked to ACCURATELY and EXPEDIENTLY keep us informed. They keep us informed, and in a very timely manner, with what we need to know and what we need to do concerning the COVID-19 situation and any current actions being advised or being taken.

This is not a time for “coaching from the sidelines” or sharing your personal evaluations of how things are going or being handled. If you want to do something to help, make sure your family is taking care of themselves and taking appropriately cautious actions. Do not advise others over the airways.

All of us who know how to use our microphones need to refrain from spreading unauthorized situational or status information or commenting on current actions. PLEASE. Just don’t do it.

As ARES/RACES members and participants, we must act rationally and responsibly for those on the other end of the airwaves and their families as well. ARES/RACES teams pride themselves, and amateur radio in general, by taking their actions responsibly. Let’s not make COVID-19 the exception to that rule.

Take care of yourself, your families, your communities and “73” in its most sincere form.

From your ARRL Wisconsin Section Team and your Wisconsin ARES/RACES family of friends


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