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Douglas County
This is what caused the North Shore to lose  phone, cell and internet.
Photo 1
Photo #1: The cause of our call-out last Wednesday just below the north bound expressway bridge... the remnant of the fiber cable conduit.  "End of the line!"
Photo 4
Photo #2 and #3: Log jamb at bridge near the scenic highway... Don't cross the bridge until looking upstream for large floating objects!
Photo 3
Photo #4: Here is why there is a detour around the bridge. The north bound lane washed out under the bridge abutment and then eroded away underneath the apron until about half way across the bridge... This also happened on the southbound lane to a lesser degree. Yes, that is the bridge abutment just hanging there... And you can see where the fiber cable conduit enters the ground...
Douglas County 6
Photo 3
Photo #5: More than half of the bridge span was clogged with upstream debris! the debris was a little farther across, but the crews have cleared most of the main channel since. A massive mat of tangled whole trees, trunks branches and some rocks too.
Photo #6: The crew has cleared out about half the debris. I stopped by the night before they started and the debris was halfway up the railing! Notice them lifting a tree trunk and root ball...
Photo 2