Brussels (#12) is READY!

On Thursday July 6th and Friday July 7th, several WeComm tech team members met to install the repeater and networking equipment at the Brussels site.

Our very special guest, Bill Becks WA8WG was in attendance which made the job very enjoyable indeed. The team members included, Kyle KC9SDK, Greg N9CHA, Jack W9JET, Howie K9HAH, Rick WB9RJB, Corey KB9BNA and Bill WA8WG.

The team went to work in the early afternoon on Thursday by installing all of the equipment into a rack which Howie had mounted to the floor that morning. Batteries, charger, duplexer, repeater, controller and network interface all went into place quickly. A ground wire was installed along with a feed line to the antenna port and AC to a distribution panel.

Bill swept the antenna and checked the repeater for deviation and tone linearity. A few tweaks and all was set and ready to go. By 5 pm the team had completed the build. The group got together for dinner in Green Bay and had a very enjoyable evening.

Friday morning Corey drove up and joined Kyle, Greg and Jack. A fiber line was installed between the County router and the WeComm router. Corey got everything talking on our side of the network, and used the IP address given to us to make a clear path into our firewall and Asterisk server.

We waited around a bit for the County to work with their ISP to get the public IP provisioned. Unfortunately that was not completed. The team used two DTMF codes to disable the CAT controller keeping it off the air until a later date. The ISP will complete their work, and once done, Corey will be able to gain access to our equipment and make it ready to go onto the WeComm network.

I want to thank everyone in our group. It was a great pleasure to work with the team. Kyle and Corey had taken personal time off work to be there, Howie had everything set up with the County, Jack and I had a great time making the trip over and back... plus Bill was there to “turn-up number 12!”

If you’re on Facebook, you also saw the excellent photo of Kyle and Bill... we completed a little ceremony at the site and presented Bill with a very nice map of the WeComm network which he was instrumental in developing over these past many years.

Please take a moment to thank the team... and now... it’s on to the next adventure! Maybe SW Wisconsin?

Greg N9CHA
Tech Director


07-06-2017 – Bill WA8WG looking over the map presented to him by Kyle KC9SDK.


07-07-2017 – The WE9COM equipment is mounted to the last rack to the right of the public service equipment at the Brussels tower site in Door County.


07-07-2017 Corey KB9BNA installs the network router for the Brussels system.


07-07-2017 Jack W9JET preparing the CAT cable for an RJ45 connector. Both the ARA-1 and MTR-3000 are plugged into the router which in turn is fed by fiber to the County system.


07-07-2017 Kyle KC9SDK installed a section of flexible conduit from the WE9COM equipment rack to the County IT rack, then pulled fiber to connect the routers.

Thanks to Greg N9CHA for putting the article together.


Wisconsin ARES/RACES Works With:
arrl WEM Amber alert
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