Kathy Schramm, KB9UAZ

I am Kathy Schramm, ASEC for Marketing and Recruiting. I love amateur (HAM) radio and I feel it is part of my life’s purpose to spread the word, to get more KB9UAZpeople aware and involved in ARES/RACES.  I have been a HAM for nineteen years, involved most actively in ARES/RACES in the last ten years.  

When I took the test for my tech license, I met a person who would change my life forever.    Don W9IXG.  Don would become a Volunteer Communications Director for 15 years, and recruit HAM's  for an event I organized.  I learned how to recruit from Don.

So where do you recruit for volunteers?  How do you determine the talents of your members?   How do you keep them happy, active and taking ownership in being involved and expanding your membership?  I am happy to share with you, all that I have learned.  See you then!