Patrick Moretti, KA1RB

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Comments from Pat:

Born in Paris France, I have been interested in how things work from an early childhood. Always taking things apart and sometimes succeeding in putting them back together and sometime, sometimes, they actually still worked!

After two years of College, the US Army decided I had an aptitude for electronics and since I failed their Morse code test miserably, assigned me to the "Microwave Repair" course at Ft. Monmouth New Jersey. I spent a few years, six of them teaching the course I had just gone through and finally applied for the Officers Candidate School. On March 25th, 1965 I became an American Citizen and I was accepted into the OCS program. Completing the Combat Engineer Course at Ft. Belvoir Virginia and obtaining my commission, I stayed in that school as a Tac Officer for just over a year. Before going to Vietnam, I requested Jungle Training and spent a little over a month in Panama at the Jungle Warfare Headquarters near Ft. Sheridan.

Ham Radio became an interest in 1962 while I was at Ft. Monmouth but because I had been told I would never learn the Morse code (thank you US Army Aptitude Test) it wasn't until 1976 that I actually took the Novice test and became a Ham (WB1BZJ). I had a good friend who wanted to learn more electronics and knew Morse code quite well. We exchanged skills and while he taught me the code, I helped him with the electronics and math involved in the Extra Class license exam. We took the test at the US Custom's Building in Boston, and he came away with his Extra Class License while I managed to earn the Advanced License (KA1RB).

Work related moves took me from Virginia to Massachusetts then, to Maryland, and eventually to Wisconsin. I have now been a Wisconsin resident for 27 years or so and I'm not complaining! I have been involved with Ham Radio since my first license in 1976 and my main focus has been on experimentation and teaching. I accepted the nomination and appointment to the position of Section Manager (SM) as an opportunity to serve and give back to the hobby I enjoy so much. I consider it a great privilege and hope to live up to the expectations of the folks who decided it was my turn.