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2016 ARES RACES State Conference

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KA1RB awards KA1RB
Art D awards KA9UAZ


You can see a larger version of the photos by clicking on the ones shown above.

Our new WI Section Manager, Patrick Moretti, KA1RB, gave a great presentation on "You and Your Wisconsin ARRL Section". Very informative.

Watch and listen to Pat tell us about the ARRL. Nice Powerpoint too. (MP4 758.7 MB)

The awards for EC of the Year and the Senior Leadership Award were also made at this time. The EC of the Year was awarded to Art Davidson AC9CD, EC Ozaukee County. Art was unable to attend the conference this year and the award was accepted on his behalf by AEC Don Zank, AA9WP.

It was presented to Art at the October 27 OZARES meeting. Ozaukee Emergency Manager Scott Ziegler, KC9IIZ, Don Zank, AA9WP, and Sheriff Jim Johnson look on. (Photo 1)

The Senior Leadership Award was presented to Kathy Schramm,KB9UAZ, ASEC Marketing and Recruiting. (Photo 2)

Watch and listen to the award presentations here. (MP4 31 MB)

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