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2014 ARES RACES State Conference

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The 16th annual Wisconsin ARES/RACES Conference 2014 was presented by WeComm, Ltd, and held at the McMillan Public Library in Wisconsin Rapids on October 18, 2014.   There were 80 attendees for the day long event which began at 9:00 AM with registration and ended at 4:40 PM after the last Grand Prizes were awarded. In between were talks and discussions led by:

  • Gary Sorensen, W9ULK, SM WI
  • Kathy Schramm, KB9UAZ, Conference Chairperson, ASEC Marketing and Recruiting
  • Mark Rasmussen, N9MEA, SEC
  • Bill Niemuth, KB9ENO, ASM, Communications Infrastructure, President, WeComm, Ltd
  • Steve Buck, WI9ARC, Disaster Co-Chair, American Red Cross of Southeastern Wisconsin
  • Skip Sharpe, W9REL, CRO RACES

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(Photos in this presentation were provided by Richard Engel, K9RWE, and Michael Martens, KB9VBR.. The audio files were provided by Bob Aspinwall, WB9RND. With thanks to all of those who contributed their time and talents to this presentaion. Not all photos that were taken at the conference were used so if you are looking for a particular part of the event please contact me. - K9RWE)


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