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Wisconsin ARES/RACES



Welcome to the Wisconsin ARES ® RACES Web site! This site is created for WI ARES/RACES members and served agencies as an information portal.

Please use it to improve your communications.

On Air ARES/RACES Net Information:

Operators interested in this net are requested to check it weekly for current info on the State ARES/RACES HF Net.Primary frequency is 3967.0 with 3977.5 as the alternate.
For information on all of the State ARES/RACES nets, click here.

From Mark Rasmussen, N9MEA, ARRL Wisconsin Section Emergency Coordinator.....

Welcome to the Wisconsin ARES/RACES website. I am honored by the opportunity to lead this dedicated group of amateur radio volunteers. Please explore our web site, the means by which we tell our story of service to various public and private agencies and ultimately to our communities. Come back often.
(For the complete text of N9MEA's "Welcome", click here.)

Did you attend the 17th ARES/RACES State Conference?
Please help us make it even better next year. Your ideas and suggestions are very important to the conference committee.
Click here to take the survey!
If you weren't able to attend this year ......

What would you like to see at the next ARES/RACES State Conference?

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Message from Bill Niemuth, KB9ENO
WeComm is looking for a good late model Icom IC-706MKIIG (serial number starting with 15) for our Fox Cities Winlink RMS Relay Station. The 706 we were using took a severe static discharge and is unrepairable. WeComm is interested in a donation, a full purchase or a combination of a purchase and donation. If you have such a radio you want to part with, please contact Bill Niemuth at . Thank you. William M. Niemuth, KB9ENO President, WeComm, Ltd. ARRL Assistant Section Manager for Communications Infrastructure, Wisconsin
Help Support WeComm
(Message from Mark Rasmussen, N9MEA, ARRL Wisconsin Section Emergency Coordinator)
Hello everyone,
Here is a way for all of us to help support WeComm, who has been helping to support our role for many years.
If you use Amazon.com to make any of your on-line purchases, consider using Amazon Smile ( http://smile.amazon.com/ch/87-0762097 ) instead. It is the same old Amazon that you are used to except this link will allow .5% of your purchase to be donated back to WeComm. It doesn'’t cost you anything to use this. You can buy anything at Amazon Smile that you can purchase at the regular Amazon site. The link provided above will take you to an Amazon Smile login screen that is basically the same as the login for Amazon except that it automatically selects WeComm as the recipient of the donation.
Thanks to Bill Niemuth for his work on setting this up and I hope that the Amateur community can help out WeComm as much as they have helped us.
A new presentation about ARES/RACES from Skip
CRO Skip Sharpe, W9REL, has put together a very nice multi-media presentation to familiarize people with what ARES/RACES is all about. It includes speakers notes.
Click here to access the files. (This link is also available from the main menu under "Training.")
Some photos from the Senior Staff meeting and the presentation to Don, W9IXG
At the ARES/RACES Senior Staff meeting in Shawano, there was a presentaion made to Don, W9IXG, for his years of service. Take a look here.
Meet the new leaders stepping up in Wisconsin ARES/RACES
We people have stepped up to county leadership positions in Wisconsin ARES/RACES. When they took on their new responsibilities, they sent out messages to the other counties in their area and to the State leadership. Take a look at what they had to say here.
NEW! Hello from the Sheboygan County EC
Weather Spotter Training Schedule

Tom Kucharski, ASEC NWS, has just sent us a refreshed list of WX Spotter Training Schedules for the State of Wisconsin.

Click here for the current list.

A Nice Article About Ham Radio!

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal had a nice article about Ham Radio in the Sunday edition. Click here.

Washington County ARES/RACES got some nice coverage in the West Bend Newspaper.
Take a look here.

The Summer 2014 Newsletter is Online!
The latest Wisconsin ARES/RACES Newsletter is now available! With extensive coverage of Field Day activities including photos, put together by Co-Editor Heather, KC9QXD, and more.
Take a look here!
Is New Member Recruitment one of your goals?
Ozaukee ARES/RACES (OZARES) is fully engaged in that process and developed a letter to explain ARES/RACES to potential Ham Radio operators. It could be used as a mailer or a handout. Take a look here and if you think it is something you can use, feel free to adapt it to your area.
NEW! WEM's Winter Weather Awareness Campaign - Nov 9 -13.
The annual campaign, sponsored by Wisconsin Emergency Management (WEM), Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT), and the National Weather Service (NWS), reminds us now is the time to get ready before the snow and cold hit. Read the announcement !
(VIA Skip Sharpe, W9REL)
NEW! A MARS/Ham Radio Exercise Scheduled for Nov 7 - 10
Amateur radio operators, including Wisconsin ARES/RACES members, are invited to participate with the Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS) in a Department of Defense (DoD) communications exercise. Take a look here! (VIA Skip Sharpe, W9REL)
Dodge and Columbia County ARES Members help the Sheriff's Department track some interference
For a report on the Dodge and Columbia Counties ARES groups using their radio skills to help track down intererferance to Dodge County 911, go to the County Page and click on Dodge County.
To read the current issue or look at past issues, just follow the link: http://www.arrl.org/FandES/field/ares-el/ To subscribe, users now need to click on "Edit Your Profile" near the top of the arrl.org home page and then click on "Edit Email Subscriptions" and then select the ARES E-Letter from the list of available items and then click "Save" at the bottom.
Gary Sorensen, W9ULK - Section Emergency Coordinator - WIS. ARES/RACES
ARRL Board Requests Member Comments About Digital Modes

At the January 2014 ARRL Board of Directors meeting, a resolution was passed which asked for member feedback and input pertaining to the increasing popularity of data modes. The information gathered by this investigation is to be used by the HF Band Planning Committee of the Board as a means to suggest ways to use our spectrum efficiently so that these data modes may "compatibly coexist with each other."
To read the complete message click here.

(VIA Skip Sharpe, W9REL)

Wisconsin ARES/RACES Represented at the 2014 Governor’s Conference on Emergency Management

East Central District EC Stan Piekarczyk, K9STN, Outagamie County EC John Kreski, AB9NN and Outagamie County AEC Andy Cox, KC9TAE represented Wisconsin ARES/RACES at the 2014 Wisconsin Governor’s Conference on Emergency Management and Homeland Security at the Paper Valley Hotel and Conference Center in Appleton in March.
For the complete story, click here.

If your ARES/RACES group supplies me a copy of your newsletter, it will be posted on your County page.

The WI ARES/RACES WinLink Net meets every Tuesday during the 24-hour window of 0000-2400, local time. Check ins accepted by sending a Winlink message with call, first name, city and county to net control Stan (WB9RQR) at wb9rqr@winlink.org, and our back up net control operator Jim (KB9MMC) kb9mmc@winlink.org  . All check ins are acknowledged. This net lets stations do a weekly check their sending and receiving capabilities, and a complete list of all check ins for the week are is to everyone who checks in on  Wednesday.
  A reminder of the net is sent each Monday morning. Short exercises or queries are sent about once a month with the reminder. Info bulletins or queries are sent anytime.
  All WinLink digital operators are welcome, there is no need to be a member of WI ARES/RACES.

Skip Sharpe, W9REL, forwarded this monthly newsletter to see if it is of interest to our ARES/RACES Members.. What do you think?
Click here for the newsletter.

Are you a Traffic Handler?

We are adding lots of Tips and Resources for the Traffic People out there. Go to the menu and look under "Training" or you can click here!
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